Can You Use Super Glue for Fake Nails – Does it work?

Can You Use Super Glue for Fake Nails

With the cutthroat prices in the beauty and cosmetics world, it is tempting to think of less pricy alternatives for nails. Some people ask, can you use super glue for fake nails? Fake nails need an adhesive to attach them to the natural nails, but can superglue be a worthy alternative?

Superglue is a rather powerful adhesive and works for most things. However, what would happen if you used it on your fake nails? Would it be a disastrous affair or a more cost-effective beauty strategy?

Let’s find out.

Can you use Super Glue for fake nails?

The answer to this is a yes and No. Yes, because you can apply fake nails with superglue, and it will work. No, because the superglue will probably have adverse effects on your skin and nails. Here are the top reasons you shouldn’t use super glue to apply fake nails.

1. It is Difficult to Remove Once Used

While some people might claim that chemicals can remove the glue from your skin, that isn’t always true. Once you use superglue to apply your fake nails, you will struggle to remove them since it doesn’t come off that easily.

Superglue has several compounds that make it hard to remove once it sets. These compounds help to make the glue so efficient at binding things together. Now imagine using such a permeant adhesive for your fake nails that you probably might want to change, eventually.

2. It Has Corrosive Compounds

Fixing fake nails with a dangerous thing to try because superglue has some compounds that make it corrosive on your skin. Simply put, superglue will harm your skin and might even have adverse effects on your natural nails.

While it’s tempting to consider using the effectiveness of superglue on your nails, remember superglue isn’t for use on the human skin because of the corrosive compounds. The type of cyanoacrylate in superglue isn’t the same as that in nail glue. That’s what makes it unsuitable for attaching fake nails.

3. Less Durability Than Nail Glue

Nail glue holds your fake nails onto the natural nails for longer than superglue. That’s because it is made specifically for your nails. Superglue is more of a hardware product than a cosmetic product. It thus won’t hold on to your nails the way genuine nail glue does.

4. It Will Weakens Your Nails

If you love your nails longer and more fashionable, you will need them to be as strong as possible. Therefore, using superglue with nails isn’t something you want to do. That’s because the corrosive compounds in the superglue will weaken your nails.

You will have nails that easily break on the slightest force. We bet you wouldn’t want that.

5. There Are Better Alternatives

While the superglue will help attach the fake nails, nail glue and other better options will still work perfectly. Nail glue won’t mess up your fingers and have you contending with crooked and unattractive nails. There are instances when you might feel pressed to use superglue on your nails because it works well.

From the above reason, you can see why it’s a bad idea to consider using superglue for fake nails. If you insist on using it, do that while remembering that it wasn’t made for you to use it on your body.

Can you use craft glue for fake nails?

No, this is not advisable. Craft glue is designed to stick paper to other paper. There are many different types of craft glue that are used in various contexts. If you were to use craft glue on your fake nails, the bond would be weak and prone to damage.

Unfortunately, some people have said that it does not work. There is some debate as to whether you should use nail glue for this purpose, as the glue may damage the nails underneath.

Some people say that using super glue is a better option than nail glue because it bonds strongly together and dries quickly. However, if you do decide on super glue then you must ensure that you buy a brand specifically designed to bond well with artificial nails. Some brands contain substances such as acetone which could cause discoloration.

What are the risks of using Super Glue for Fake Nails?

  • You can damage your nails
  • You can damage the skin around your nails
  • You may lose the nail bed
  • Painful removal
  • The glue can become dry and hard to remove
  • Risk of infection
  • Allergic reactions

Will Superglue Work for Acrylic Nails?

Superglue won’t work for acrylic nails. While most people have seen it work for usual fake nails, albeit with some consequences, you should consider using it with acrylic nails.

It could work for some people without any noticeable consequences. But one thing it could be disastrous for is acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are relatively soft compared to other fake nails, which explains why they won’t work well with superglue.

The superglue will damage the acrylic nails, and it won’t be a good look for your fingers. The point of acrylic nails is to make you more fashionable and beautiful, not the opposite. Better be safe and not use superglue on acrylic nails.

What are the other Options for Superglue?

There are many varieties of nail glue you can use instead of superglue. Nail Bond, Deadgal, and Esbasket nail glues are just some of the many options you can try. If you deem them too expensive, you can also use nail polish as glue.

Nail polish is an excellent sealant and would work fine for holding fake nails to natural nails. Besides that, you can use tape to hold the nails. The tape has to be transparent, however not to affect the beauty of the nails.

Finally, you can make yourself some homemade glue and use it to attach fake nails.

FAQ About Can You Use Super Glue for Fake Nails

Are Super Glue and Nail Glue the Same?

Superglue and nail glue, although both adhesives are the same. Both of them contain the same adhesive compound that is cyanoacrylate. The significant difference is in there are of applications. While superglue is only for hardware use and attaching things, nail glue is perfect only for attaching fake nails.Β 

What nail glue do salons use?

The nail glue a salon uses will vary, thus challenging to say. However, most salons restrict themselves to the best nail glues they can buy. Of course, the glue they use will determine the price you pay for the procedure.

Can I use superglue to strengthen nails?

Although it will have different implications for different people, it is possible to use superglue to strengthen broken or weak nails. You, however, need to be measured in the way you do that since too much superglue will have negative consequences for your nails.

What can be used instead of nail glue?

Instead of nail glue, one can use acrylic nails. The nails are made out of an acrylic polymer and polymer powder. Acrylic nails are applied to the nail by pouring the mixture onto the natural nail or fake nail, which is adhered to the nail using a UV lamp. One can also use false nails that are made out of thermoplastic polymer.

Can I use super glue for nail tips?

If one is looking to create pointed, acrylic nails, you can use super glue for nail tips. The tip would be normally made of metal or plastic, but the glue will help keep the tip in place and provide extra strength. This type of tip is used for those who want to wear their nails long, but want them to point up.

Can you use Elmer’s glue for fake nails?

Yes, you can use school glue. PVA glue and Elmer’s both will work fine. You have to make sure you have a mold or guide so that the nail forms properly and does not peel off.

Final Thoughts

Can you use super glue for fake nails? Yes, you can. But does that mean it is right? No, it isn’t. Superglue will probably do a good job attaching your fake nails. However, it will have many consequences for your nails and your skin.

It could make your nails softer and weak, which is a recipe for crooked nails. Also, it is pretty hard to remove once you have applied it to your nails. It doesn’t have softer adhesive compounds that guarantee your safety, unlike nail glue.

Therefore, consider the consequences before you think of using superglue on your fake nails.

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